After careful consideration, and weeks of thinking, typing, deleting, and rethinking, I’ve decided that I’m not into this whole “ABOUT ME” page. I’m only writing one because the Internet told me that it’s “vital” for a blog. If you haven’t guessed yet by the previous sentence, I am a millennial. And even though some may call my generation narcissistic, I have no idea what to write to adequately describe who I am. But since you are here to meet me, here you go…

At twenty-seven years old, I’m currently trying to figure out how to balance a full-time job, go to seminary at night, maintain deep, personal relationships with the people I love, and have “quiet time” with God.

Honestly, I’m an imperfect Christian, recovering know-it-all, and the Holy Spirit is genuinely tailoring me every single day (hence the blog name). I wanted a place where I can share my journey through ministry – as an offering of some sort – and to have a place where I can document an ever-changing story while being my true and authentic self.

I heard a quote that has impacted the way I live, “When you talk about the truth, and are authentically yourself, you give permission to other people to do the same thing” – Rachel Hollis.

So here it is – my invitation – I’m inviting you into my messy, beautiful, rough around the edges, grace-filled life. I serve a “come as you are” God, therefore, this is a come as you are blog. This is as much my space as it is yours.

I wish we were meeting face-to-face, but I know we will become good friends here. Maybe one day we can do this in person, over coffee or wine, but until then – welcome, I’m so happy you’re here!